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Travis Hugh Culley

Travis is a writer, an autodidact, and a diarist. He is on a lifelong journey to understand what is so dangerous about being a person.

"It is the essence of man that he must question himself."
No Rusty Swords: Letters, Lectures and Notes 1928-36: From the Collected Works, Vol 1 - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

-Deitrich Bonhoeffer

Supposing eternal spring on the earth; supposing plenty of water, livestock, and pasture, and supposing that men, as they leave the hands of nature, were once spread out in the midst of all that, I cannot imagine how they would ever be induced to give up their primitive liberty, abandoning the isolated pastoral life so fitted to their natural indolence, to impose on themselves unnecessarily the labors and the inevitable misery of a social mode of life.

On the Origin of Language - Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Johann Gottfried Herder, John H. Moran, Alexander Gode

Jean-Jacques Rousseau
On the Origin of Languages